Solar Key Cyprus became a member of Techisland organization

Solar Key Cyprus became a member of Techisland organization

Solar Key Cyprus is pleased to announce that it has become an official member of Techisland Organization, an outstanding innovation centre that promotes the technology sector and creates an ecosystem of innovative solutions.

Techisland is a leading organization that brings together companies, businesses and innovation leaders with the goal of accelerating the development of technology solutions and creating a supportive environment for innovative entrepreneurship.

We are very proud to be a member of Techisland organization. This is an important step in our rapid development and strengthening our position as an innovative leader in solar energy. We really appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with other members of the organization and share knowledge and experience, which will help us expand our capabilities and accelerate our innovation efforts.

The status of a member of Techisland organization underlines the position of Solar Key Cyprus as an important participant in the innovation sector and confirms the company’s commitment to introducing advanced technologies and promoting green energy in Cyprus and around the world.


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